Gift Cards

Give to your loved ones, and support WOW's restaurants! WOW Gift Cards can be purchased and are redeemable at the following locations: 529 Wellington Steakhouse, Peasant Cookery, Prairies Edge, Alena Rustic Italian, and Bluestone Cottage.

WOW! Hospitality offers value-added Gift Certificates, for large purchases of WOW! gift cards:

  • $1,000 to $2,499, receive 10% additional Gift Certificates
  • $2,500 to $19,999, receive 15% additional Gift Certificates
  • $20,000 and up, receive 20% additional Gift Certificates

WOW value-added Gift Certificates can be purchased from WOW home office by calling 204-942-1090 ext 227.

Check your WOW Gift Card balance